GGN wanted the population living in a Geopark, as well as those who love these territories, to be able to participate in this celebration. This would allow them to share their views, sensations, and their relationship with these extraordinary territories. A specific contest was created for young people aged 12 to 18 living in a UNESCO Geopark. On your request, the contest website can be translated in your local/National language."

The Global Geopark Network’s “Earth Visual Odyssey” is a celebration of the symbiotic relationship between humans and Earth’s geology. It encourages you to encapsulate the dialogue between humanity and geology across UNESCO’s 211 Geoparks. The competition revolves around the unspoken narratives of rocks, the tales fossils narrate, and the memories landscapes bear. Your photograph is an affirmation of our intertwined journey with nature. Each snapshot narrates a story, adds a new dimension, and collectively, we can catalyze change. This competition is a spiritual voyage, applauding our shared odyssey with Earth’s geological marvels.

Stone's stories
The “Stone’s Stories” contest celebrates our relationship with Earth’s silent storytellers - stones, minerals, fossils, and landscapes. It invites participants to share narratives expressing their unique bond with these natural wonders. Each story, whether about a pebble or a landscape, contributes to Earth’s collective history, reflecting our enduring connection with nature and commitment to its preservation. This contest is not just a temporal journey, but an emotional one, celebrating our shared bonds with nature.

The 5 sense of your Geopark
A contest for youth aged 12-18 years old
Join ‘The 5 Senses of Your Geopark’ contest to celebrate your unique connection with your geopark. Engage your senses: listen to the morning sounds, inhale familiar smells, capture joyful sights, relish local tastes, and feel the textures that define your territory. This contest invites young explorers aged 12-18 to express their sensory experiences through writing, photos and sound. Dive in, explore the beauty of our geoparks, and share your unique perspective with the world.