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GGN ExB wished that you could step out of the virtual world to offer, if you wish, a bit more materiality to your inhabitants. Thus, you can print a photo exhibition and/or a GGN time spiral.

The GGN 20 years anniversary must also be a festive event for your population.We have therefore published 3 videos (music, art and fashion show) so that you can use them in whole or in part in an event (virtual or present) that you can organize to invite your population to participate in this party.

GGN wanted the population living in a Geopark, as well as those who love these territories, to be able to participate in this celebration. This would allow them to share their views, sensations, and their relationship with these extraordinary territories. A specific contest was created for young people aged 12 to 18 living in a UNESCO Geopark. On your request, the contest website can be translated in your local/National language.

Celebrating GGN’s 20th anniversary, we’ve made 8 videos showcasing its history and goals. All UNESCO Geoparks, National and Regional networks are invited to join the celebration and use these videos in their virtual or presencial events.