GGN ExB wished that you could step out of the virtual world to offer, if you wish, a bit more materiality to your inhabitants. Thus, you can print a photo exhibition and/or a GGN time spiral.

This photo exhibition is composed of 50 HQ photographs from members of our network. They illustrate historical moments such as the priority actions of the GGN over the past twenty years. These photographs can be printed in a 60 cm x 80 cm format.

This This time spiral has a © GGN. It will allow you to place, if you wish, the sites of your Geoparks connected to moments in the history of the Earth and the evolution of life. This poster can be printed in an A1 format (59.4 x 84.1cm). The back of the poster can also be printed to provide more information about your Geopark and the sites that you have placed along the time spiral. In this case, the poster can be distributed, folded in A4.

20 year ggn:
the photo exhibition


time spiral