What to do before launching contests to the population of your Geopark?

  1. If you haven't already, and if it proves useful for you, request the translation of the ggn20anniversary.com website from the GGN secretariat as soon as possible.

  2. Translate into your national/local language the promotional tools provided by the GGN.

  3. Develop a communication strategy for launching the contest. This may include posting on social media, poster campaigns, distributing leaflets at markets, organizing informative meetings with schools, youth associations, etc.

  4. Define the awards you will grant to the 9 winners of your Geopark (3 per category) and inform your population of their content through your Geopark's website, your Facebook page, or other channels.

  5. National Level: If a country has multiple Geoparks, the national coordinator should, from the launch of the contest, determine with their network of Geoparks what the 3x3 national awards will be.

  6. Organize a suitable system for archiving and monitoring applications (1 folder for each competition, etc.)

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1-When an application has been sent to your geopark you will receive an email from the management system providing you with all the necessary information such as attachments.


IMPORTANT:Candidature can arrive in the trash box. so check carefully. These mails are always send by "GGN20 anniversary"

2- The candidate will automaticalle receive a message from the management system

3- Please, directly contact the candidate and send them an email certifying that your Geopark has received the application. Additionally, you may provide them with any supplementary information regarding the competition procedures in your Geopark (awards, etc.).

4-The received application should be promptly archived in one of the three folders you have established for each of the competitions.

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All applications must be received by December 31, 2024, 23:59 GMT. Subsequently, the phasing of the various selection levels should be implemented so that the final GGN selection can take place at the end of April 2024.

The timing and selection processes will be established in the second semester of 2024.

The selection phasing should be:

  1. Selection of 3 winners for each of the 3 competitions at the Geopark level.

  2. Selection of 3 winners for each of the 3 competitions at the National level if there are multiple Geoparks in the country.

  3. The 3 winners (for each of the 3 categories) selected at the national level are forwarded to the GGN.

  4. Among the 3x3 winners from the 48 countries represented within the network, a GGN commission will select 3 global winners for each category. (GGN awards will be defined in May).

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With these three contests, the National Geopark Network coordinator will have significantly increased responsibilities. Their tasks will include:

  • Ensuring the accurate translation of all communication tools into the national/local language.

  • Collaborating with the national network members to define the national awards for the 3x3 winners.

  • Organizing network meetings to explain (if necessary) the different processes involved.

  • Regularly communicating with the national network to ensure appropriate contest promotion.

  • Defining the promotional campaign for the Geopark winners as well as for the national winners.

  • Inform GGN ExB on the adapted contest evolution in its country

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To have appropriate tracking and objective elements on the contest dynamics and the participation of the territories' populations, the website's management system will allow real-time tracking of the quantity of candidates for each category at the level of each Geopark, each national or regional network.
Similarly, the number of website visits for each integrated language will be communicated.
Every month, the GGN will share with its members the level of contest candidature and website visits.

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